Simply put, wear a helmet or risk a broken head

Injury to the head, including a broken head, is one of the main causes of death when riding a motorcycle or while performing other activities that require special protection to the head. Unfortunately, there are still many who are lazy to wear helmets when driving or other risky activities. Besides being used when driving, helmets or headgear should also be used during certain activities, such as when working at a mining site, doing construction work, transportation officers, firefighters, or when doing certain types of sports. Sports in question, such as rock climbing. Avoid the Risk of Broken Head with the Right Helmet The head is very susceptible to injury if it collides, so the function of the helmet is very important to protect it. According to research, using a helmet properly when doing risky activities, can reduce the risk of head injuries and brain injuries by up to 85%. The use of helmets in children is also very important, for example when he is a motorcycle passenger,
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